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In a local talent show, Tiana and her friend committed themselves to learning how to sign the lyrics of "Party in the USA," by Miley Cyrus. They also committed themselves to looking as outlandish as possible. -)

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Ep. #15 Miley Cyrus - "Party in the USA" ASL Cover

Having fun at the 2014 Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Jousting, Swords, Food and Fun. Between the permanent buildings and the many actresses and actors, it really feels like you were sent back to the Renaissance. There's parades, shows, comedy skits, fights; the list goes on. You also learn a lot about the people and the real culture of the time . Help us caption & translate this video!
We leave Delta, CO to head to Deming. Along the way we visit the Coronado Historic Site and the ruins of Kuaua Pueblo, which are located just minutes north of Albuquerque (off of I-25, Exit 242) in Bernalillo. Once in Deming we make our way to The Deming Luna Mimbres Museum which houses exhibits relating to the everyday lives of the citizens of Deming and the Mimbres Valley. They include
This features footage from our first couple days breaking in my new (well, new to me) sail boat. We took it out to the lake at Rock Creek State Park near Newton, Iowa. We had a shaky start the first day, and the next day Daniel, the girls, & I almost couldn't get back to our dock because the winds refused to take us the right direction. But somehow we found a way. -) Help us caption & translate
For this year's family reunion, Grandma wanted a CRAZY HAT DAY. So... we gave her some craziness. If you're looking for some ideas for a crazy hat you're welcome to steal any of our's. -) Help us caption & translate this video! http://... Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://...
Day 11 of our trip was our last day in East Stroudsburg, PA, and we ended our time there on a very sweet note. ;-) We visited the Country Kettle which had a TON of neat gifts and knick knacks, and even more candy. We went a little overboard on buying snacks for the car ride home. Definitely a cool little shop to check out. Day 12, we started our trek back home - taking the scenic route. We
***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... *** Our second and final Home Chef meals we cooked in Delta was the classic chicken piccata, with angel hair pasta and lemon-caper sauce. This one was another delicious meal, and with each box from Home Chef I come to love their recipes more and more. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook:
While over at Grandpa's house, Tiana was the early riser and started making biscuits and gravy, just like Grandpa's. :-) Delicious and so easy to make. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #homemade #recipe #cooking #biscuits #sausage #gravy #oldfashioned #grandparents
***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... *** Next meal from our Home Chef food box was the hummus-crusted chicken with paprika roasted vegetables. It wasn't really *crusted* chicken, however the flavor was very good. Gave it a solid 7. ;-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://... #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #review #HomeChef
Next smoothie to try from GreenBlender was the Blood Orange Cantaloupe. It was still a little gritty and it wasn't very sweet. Two suggestions we'd give is make sure you have ice, and maybe just use the recipes with your own fruit. Robin thought the fruit they sent wasn't quite ripe enough. Still, gave it a 5-6 score. :-) Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://...
Since Robin and Tiana were away for the weekend, and it was around the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Britty mentioned watching all Marvel movies in chronological order up to when we would see Infinity War in the theater together. She made a check list and everything. ;-) It was an exhausting experience but it was loads of fun, and Infinity War ended up being my favorite movie out of them all.
On the 8th day of our trip, we journeyed back into the Concrete Jungle (New York City ;-) to visit the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art. We only got to see a fraction of everything that was there, but what we did see was pretty extraordinary. Then we took some time to look around Central Park. Again, only visited a fraction of the park - everybody's feet were already hurting from the Met.
This is my very first production using a blue screen, so it's far from perfect. But we all had a lot of fun making it. Good News Global Network is a fake news skit. The setting is based on Jehovah's promises for a restored paradise earth in the future using the following points from the Bible (below is just a small sample of scriptures that mention this promise). Psalm 83:18 - "May people know
Another home video, filmed 2 years before I entered the picture, in 1967. This is footage of a family road trip to North Carolina. :-) #thejohnnyoshow #johnorjias #travel #NorthCarolina #roadtrip #family #home #video #old #footage #film #siblings #brother #sister #mother #father #1967 Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://... Facebook: http://...
During our 1st week of Transform with Chris and Heidi - which a few days were killer - we also went on a weekend get away for some friends' anniversary, in Clear Lake, Iowa. It was my first time in the town, and it reminded me of some quaint, West coast town, and I loved it. Great food, beautiful lake, charming city, and good friends. Subscribe: http://... Check out our site: http://...
We highlight the 13 days of practice leading up to the day of the HAM radio testing. We start with reviewing the 74 page study guide and then continue with doing practice tests on every day up to the exam. Jacob wasn't as prepared as we were, and Brittain had some trouble when it got to the actual exam. But everyone passed the Technician license test... eventually. :-) We celebrate with
Ayden's graduation party, held at Briggs Woods Park in Webster City, Iowa, October 29th, 2016. It was a fun party with a huge amount of family and friends; lots of funny moments and some great karaoke performances. Some songs we sang were Never Gonna Give You Up, Born To Be Wild, Take On Me, and a lipsync battle between Clay & Jacob of Agony, from Into The Woods. Ayden's party was definitely not