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Since Linda is going to be away for a little while, she let's us know which plants are going to need the most care and upkeep, especially which need the most water. Linda gives some some other helpful watering tips that any gardener will appreciate. :-)

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Ep. #580 Our Home Renovation: Landscaping Progress | WATERING

This is Britt's first video of her drawing Korra from the Nickelodeon cartoon "The Legend of Korra." This took her approximately 4 hours to draw in its entirety, & she used her Wacom Intuos4 digital drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop CC to draw with. The songs used in this video "Northern Lights" - Jaymes Young "Moondust" - Jaymes Young "Atlantis" - Postiljonen (respectively) Subscribe to
Here's Brittain's drawing of Medli from The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker. This took her approximately 4 hours to draw in its entirety, & she used her Wacom Intuos4 digital drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop CC to draw with. The songs used in this video "Sweet Disposition" - The Temper Trap "Through the Ghost" - Shinedown "Stolen Dance" - Milky Chance (respectively) Subscribe to Brittain's
Here's Brittain's drawing of Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach. This took her approximately 3 hours to draw in its entirety, & she used her Wacom Intuos4 digital drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop CC to draw with. The songs used in this video "Say My Name" (ft. Zyra) - ODESZA "I Do Love You" - Kill Paris "Arrival" - Kill Paris (respectively) Watch the original video here http://... Subscribe to
I wanted Britty to upload this drawing on my channel. She drew this as a graduation gift for a friend of her's; some of his favorite anime characters. :-) (Also the interesting song choice was based upon what reminded her of this friend) It took her about 18 hours, which she is sad to admit. She drew this using Adobe Photoshop CC, along with her Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Subscribe to Brittain's
Very early morning of day 24, we arrive in Salt Lake City. For our first stay at a flying J Truck Stop. I had a chance to test the WiFi Ranger off the Flying J wifi - only 50 ft away - once again, an epic fail. However, I found Verizon LTE seems to work very well in Salt Lake City, so at least there was that. We of course visit Robin's beloved fast food chain El Pollo Loco. Afterwards, we go
On the 23rd day of our trip, it's finally time to say goodbye to my family. With all the repairs finished, and now almost a week longer then expected in Delta because of it, we have to skip going north toward Yellowstone, as very bad weather had already set in there. We start the day with our traditional goodbye breakfast at Starvin Arvin's, and then before heading out we go back to my parent's
We used our 22nd day to take our typical drive up the beautiful Grand Mesa. Many fond memories I have of riding my bike to the very top of the Mesa from Delta, CO. I always enjoy visiting it every time we're in Western Colorado. And it was absolutely breathtaking this year, being there during fall, when all the colors are changing. Afterwards, we play Uno with GIANT cards (so that Robin can see
Since Robin has never been, we decided to spend our 21st day at the Colorado National Monument with my parents. It's an absolutely gorgeous area near Grand Junction, CO. And it's always a sight to behold. After spending the day there, we ate at Texas Roadhouse, and then headed back to Delta. I also discuss some of the organizing we've done, as well as some little upgrades/repairs we've completed
On the 20th day of our trip, I'm finally getting my propane tanks filled for the very first time, and I explain why I'm sticking with the 20 lbs tanks and not getting bigger ones. I also talk about why I regret getting a single axle camper. More goodies came in the mail today including an Insignia Ice maker, which we absolutely love. And I walk through all the other small things we've done to
Nothing but an upgrade to the trailer on day 19 - no repairs. YEAH! I worked on getting the water tank heater pads installed. I also discovered why my air conditioner was freezing up even when it's been really hot outside: dirty filters. So, if you're having this problem, the solution is simple: clean the filters. We then finish the day by teaching my mom how to play Hearts, and talk about Robin's
Finally, the 18th day of our trip doesn't involve working on the camper. I talk about a few of the local businesses that I appreciate in Delta, Colorado, like Clubb's and Ace Hardware. We also enjoy another Home Chef meal - Nashville hot chicken tacos - with my family. Towing a Rockwood Geo Pro with a Honda Pilot ***Click here to get $30 off of your first order of Home Chef http://... ***
The best part of the 17th day was getting some great pizza for dinner, from my favorite pizza place in Delta, Daveto's. :-) But for the not so fun stuff of the day, I finished putting the final touches on the weBoost install. I also made a modification to the access panel that is below the bed. I then discover the core issue with Rockwood's camper, is that they don't know how to use power tools.
On the 16th day, I finally start seeing results from the weBoost in the very early morning. I've come to the conclusion that Verizon has bandwidth issues in Delta, CO, that no amount of signal strength will resolve. But I have verified enough at this point that the weBoost does actually help, I just will still need to continue working out a final solution. I go ahead and start the mounting
Before departing on our adventure, I ordered a food box from Home Chef to be delivered to my mom's house in Delta. So on the night of day 15, we finally got around to preparing a meal: the beef mexi-mac and cheese skillet. I helped a little bit, but I mostly there for moral support. :-) I tell the story about what happened to Lulu, and why we had to give her a new funky haircut. I also find out
The 15th day of our trip was a very long day, full of upgrades and repairs... I ordered a weBoost cell signal booster, which arrived in the mail, as well as the replacement toilet from Dometic. Getting the toilet changed out is a pretty straight forward and simple process, however I ran into a lot of frustration with the weBoost. I worked way past midnight trying to get things resolved, but I
Just a note: the water miser should only be used if NOT connected to city water. On day 14 of our trip, I discover how you can use the shower water miser as a fresh water tank heater. I also start getting the wires ran for the tank heaters, and get the heater pads ordered from Amazon. After I take care of that, we go to the Stoney Mesa Winery, which has a fantastic selection of delicious wines. I