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Even though I believe the GoPro is absolutely incredible, I decided to buy Sony's Cyber-Shot RX100 Mark III instead of upgrading to the GoPro Hero4 from my Hero3. Here are my reasons why .

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Ep. #189 Why I Bought a Sony RX100 M3

Robin had the best loss on Weight Watchers, dropping 70lbs. But when she nearly lost her life due to health issues unrelated to her weight, she lost her rhythm. Now several years later she is back to the weight that she was before WW. Robin also has lost most her vision, becoming legally blind. Even after any correction, she has 20/400 vision in one eye and rated as being able to see fingers
Day 2 I show you my Road Runner Soft Case for my Tyros 4; we eat at the delicious Qdoba Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, CO; and our lovely room at the Days Inn Sundance hotel in Delta. I show off the 160 foot tall radio tower in my family's back yard (talk about expensive hobbies), and the kiddies have fun feeding the horsies . Help us caption & translate this video! http://... Subscribe:
http://... http://... I do love my Outlander, but I was playing it down a bit when I was showing it to my brother. Actually, there are few negatives I've found with this crossover. For some reason that is mostly what I talked about when showing him. I have another video that shows all the positives, but if you want to get an idea of the negatives that I personally see with the vehicle (which
Join me as I test returning back to the US from Mexico without a passport. Quick review of the Lam Dental clinic toll free 1 (877)740-8985. Dr. Guilllermo Lam and Dr. Rosanna Cisneros, husband and wife team, twenty years in practice. Dr. Rosanna speaks what she calls “dental English." Young receptionist Claudia went to high school in the US, is fluent and interprets when needed. They work
Buy the Go-Pro 3-way HERE TODAY! http://...%203-way&linkCode=ur2&tag=thjoosh-20&linkId=7DKTHMJTTG22GQDA So, I just got the GoPro 3-way mount. I have not had a chance to really get used to perfecting my skills with it. But I already have better results then holding the GoPro in my hand, I have an idea with using also as a steady-cam but it may take some tweaking to work it out. I think it may
The Super 8 hotel in Blue Springs wasn't anything extravagant, however it was nice and clean. However Wi-Fi didn't work for the hotel and they couldn't fix it. Ross is an all around great store for clothing and home decor. All products are brand new and much cheaper than retail price because they are either overstock or the products have minor flaws, such as a snag in the fabric of a dress.
...torture. Pure torture. Well, I had no idea this was a musical. I really was not in the mood for one. Into the Woods Meryl Streep as The Witch Emily Blunt as The Baker's Wife James Corden as The Baker Anna Kendrick as Cinderella Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince Johnny Depp as The Wolf Lilla Crawford as Little Red Riding Hood MacKenzie Mauzy as Rapunzel Daniel Huttlestone as Jack Tracey Ullman
***The XGear website is actually ( http://... ), not*** Speck Hard Shell, XGear Case & Key Shield for MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display If you're looking for a sturdy, long-lasting protective case for your lap top, I can tell you what NOT to buy Speck. Anything else will be better than Speck, trust me. Only after a few months the plastic Speck hard shell was already
***Click here to get a coupon for $40 off your first order of Hello Fresh http://... *** This the first box containing three dishes we got with the Introductory package from HelloFresh. The Introductory package comes with a total six meals (three different dishes) for $39.00 including shipping and handling. This box includes all the ingredients for peppercorn steak with baby potatoes & creamed
***Click here to get a coupon for $40 off your first order of Hello Fresh http://... *** The first meal we decided to cook from our HelloFresh food box was the Tuscan pork linguine - all the ingredients and recipe were obviously included in the box, so it really made the process a lot easier. The linguine dish was pretty good, but not the best - it just needed a little more flavor. Next review
***Click here to get a coupon for $40 off your first order of Hello Fresh http://... *** The 2nd dish we have prepared is the peppercorn steak with baby potatoes and creamed spinach, which took approximately 40 minutes to make in its entirety. Of course, the recipe and all the ingredients were included in our HelloFresh food box. The steak with the peppercorn sauce was very good, and even though
***Click here to get a coupon for $40 off your first order of Hello Fresh http://... *** This time we cooked our final HelloFresh meal from our first food box caramelized shallot risotto with lemony zucchini ribbons. Again, the recipe and all the ingredients needed for this dish were included in the food box - which is kind of the point. -) I wasn't too excited about this dish seeing as it's
***Click here to get coupons for food box meals http://... *** So our next food box company to try was Plated. The first week of 6 meals was $24 - cheaper then HelloFresh - and this food box contains the three dishes chicken sausage gumbo, pan-roasted mustard pork with spaetzle and carrots, and Indonesian beef rendang with coconut and lime. We were away from home the day we got the food box, so
***Click here to get coupons for food box meals http://... *** This is our first dish of a total three from our Plated box. The chicken sausage gumbo was supposed to take 45-55 minutes, and as usual, the recipe and ingredients were all included in the Plated food box. It wasn't as good as HelloFresh, but it was still decent. I gave it a 5; Robin gave it a 6. It may have just been the particular
***Click here to get coupons for food box meals http://... *** Our second meal, the Indonesian beef rendang with coconut and lime, from our Plated food box was a decent meal; again, I gave it a 5 or a 6 on a scale to 10. It may not be a Plated issue, maybe it's just more that the dish itself didn't appeal to me so much. One thing is for certain is that these dishes from Plated are a lot more
***Click here to get coupons for food box meals http://... *** This is our final meal from the first week of Plated, the pan-roasted mustard pork with spaetzle and carrots. Looking at the ingredients I was worried this dish - along with the rest of Plated's meals - would have little flavor. There was not much seasoning included to add to the meal. However, once the meal was eaten, I gave it a