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Ep. #285 BBB: Configure Serial Ports Part #2 - Ubuntu Snappy Core

This tutorial is the continuation from part #1 for enabling serial/com ports for the Beagle Bone Black, running Ubuntu snappy core 15.04. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a new BBB .dtb file to include content that will enable support for multiple serial/com ports on the BBB.
To start, download the current armhf device file and go to the assets directory. Next, go to the .dtbs directory and convert the .dtb file to a .dts file so it can be edited. By configuring the UART, in the /assets/dtbs source file, you can add the needed support for the serial/com ports. Once the UART code has been created, make sure the part name (pinmux_uart0_pins), the hex identifier for the pins (pinctrl-single,pins = Hex_Identifier) and the hex ID (linux,phandle = Hex_ID and phandle = Hex_ID) have been included in the .dts file and are correct for the serial/com ports you wish to add. Now to enable each of the new ports and to assign the pinouts go to the serial@ section of the .dts file that has been created. There the status will need to be updated from “disabled” to “okay,” and will need to add: pinctrl-names = “default; and pinctrl-0 = Hex_ID; to the end of each serial@ code section for the given UART.
Once all the changes and additions have been made, save the file and return to the command prompt and run the dtc command to convert it back to a .dtb file. Then use scp to copy your newly created .dtb file to the BBB.

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