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Come join my family and I on our many adventures and follow Robin on her weight loss journey. I post tutorials and reviews on various subjects such as Premier Pro, the GoPro, Hotel Reviews, etc. You will also find covers that I have made using my Tyros 4, as well as original compositions.

Ep. #506 Karaoke Night at Van Wijk Winery - Sully, IA

A few friends of ours invited us out to karaoke night at the Van Wijk Winery in Sully, Iowa. The winery has live music play the first Saturday of every month, karaoke night the third Saturday of every month. They've been open since 2012, making 30 different wines and serving plenty of beers, too. It was a really fun time and if you live in Iowa or happen to be in Sully, we highly recommend it. 🙂

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